Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Silk Quilt in progress... any words of wisdom?

I am working on a silk quilt for a friend who can't have most fabrics against her skin. I've always been a cotton-kind of gal so working with silk is TOTALLY new to me. We were able to get some recycled (we both like that idea) white bridal kimono silk--it's gorgeous! Hopefully, you can see some of the beautiful weaves in the silk. Then we picked up some grabbag packs of colored silk.

I'm using silk thread and a fine needle. Because it is a lightweight silk, I've stabilized it using a fusible sheerweight interfacing after trying many different kinds, weights, applications, etc. I'm satisfied with the "hand"--plenty soft and flexible but will stand up to usage.

Here is where I could use words of wisdom from anyone, especially any quilters who have worked on silk quilts. I've had a silk batt on order and it's ready for me to pick up. I would welcome any do's or don't's on quilting with a silk batt. I've heard it's fantastic but I'll admit that this project intimidates me more than any other I can think of.

I'm also trying to decide on what to use for the backing. I am concerned about lengths of silk holding up to use, especially the lightweight. I found a really nice feeling silky polyester but she can't have any polyester against her skin so that's out. Anyone have any suggestions... information on what NOT to do can be just as helpful too...


  1. Silk is a wonderful material but you need to remember when it washes it wrinkles.So it needs to be quilted real well to keep its form.
    Care must be always taken when washing.Giving it to the dry cleaners is not a good idea because if the person has allergies to other fabric, I would imagine they would be more affected by the chemicals they use in a dry cleaner.I don't know much more sadly.

  2. Thanks for the insights... I was considering just doing stitch in the ditch but sounds like I need to do more! And then maybe that will be the support I need for stabilizing the silk backing????

  3. I know nothing about quilting or silk. But I bet it will feel wonderful next to the skin. I got your cards! I'll send an email to you - I think they are wonderful but do have a suggestion.