Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh, I've been so busy!

Well, the last week has been pretty crazy for me. At work the monthly reports were due--that's always a major undertaking but we got them completed and submitted by deadline.

I finished the period costume (Little House-type dress, pinafore and sun bonnet) for Mackenzie's part in the Oklahoma Land Run celebration at ther school. We'll be
taking pictures of her in it in a week or two and I'll show them them.

Thursday I had oral surgery. It went really well but I still hurt when I laugh or smile! We had Easter brunch with the kids, grands and great-grands--LOTS of joy and laughter so I left there pretty sore. Sometimes I think it was a contest to make me laugh and watch me grab my cheek.

I've been participating in the Flirty Vintage Linen Apron Swap so that has been another project I finished as well as an apron for the organizer. The yellow, blue and green apron is for my secret swap partner. The package will include an apron (this is my own design), a pair of hot pad holders and a feedsack towel with some of the key fabric design appliqued on one corner. The vintage linen that I used was a tablecloth from the 20's (handmade); hemmed the center that had embroidery and pulled-thread work and made a food cover—we used to use these to cover food to keep off flies (before air conditioning and closed houses). The last thing in the package will be a "vintage" recipe--I am putting a family favorite for "end-of-the-money-but-not-end-of-the-month" timing, Bean Cups. This has been so much fun to put together.

I also made an apron and hot pad set for the swap organizer—that's the pink, white and black set.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful, blessed day! I truly believe that God gave us the role as grandparents as a reward for being a parent! Your pieces are beautiful and you're amazing!

  2. I'm glad your back! Happy Easter! I was wondering if you weren't feeling well. It sounds like you've been incredibly busy - can't wait to see the grandkids in their costumes. I loved that period where girls wore bonnets and pinafores.

  3. Beautiful work. Lovely aprons.
    Your life is blessed with joy

  4. I participated in the swap too and I wanted to tell you that I love your work it is realy beatiful.
    It is so generous that you made an apron for Shawnee too

  5. I absolutely ADORE my vintage apron set -- you're a sweetie!!!