Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Lap Quilt for Joyce

This was my first adventure into the stained glass quilting technique. I learned a lot while I was making this and was pretty pleased with the results. When I actually worked with the "leading," I decided that this has to have fairly large pieces to work around. When I used smaller pieces, the sense of proportion didn't seem right to me. I did try using 1/8" leading and, while it helped some, I still prefer to just stick with larger pieces.

This was also a practice piece for my free-motion quilting in the sashing and borders—I used the outline of a poinsettia. I could definitely tell the difference between the beginning and end of the quilting on the quality of that design! This was a lap quilt with six poinsettia blocks in varing shades of pink and red. The sashing, borders and back were a variety of poinsettia fabrics. I also used these same blocks to make a couple of table-toppers (about 24" square).

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  1. The stained glass effect is beautiful. You are very talented with needle and thread...that's never been one of my strong points. I tend to "almost cuss" when I'm sewing.