Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grandchildren's quilts: #1 George's "No Flies On Me"

Christmas , 2003: I made quilts for the grandkids that year. Unfortunately I did not get photos of all of them.
This is George with his "No Flies On Me" quilt. The pattern is "Plaid Pigs" by Nancy Barrett, a great quilt designer and teacher from OKC. I am not into plaid or pigs or country but there was just something about this quilt that I fell in love with when I saw the sample. I was lucky enough to take a class at Oklahoma Quiltworks with Nancy for this quilt.

I pieced the quilt per directions using the "window method" of fusible applique with a satin stitch to finish the appliqued pigs.

I wanted this one to be a cross between a quilt and a comforter so I used a hi-loft polyester bat. It really gave a lot of dimension to the quilting so I was pleased with the results

Personally, I really like the way the quilting ended up... I used six strands of embroidery floss, cut 24" so I got about 18" of quilting from the length. I made "flight paths" for flies around the pigs--but never "landed" on them (hence "No Flies on Me"). Using this strategy, it was OK to cross quilting lines but I stayed in the block and block border for each one. Towards the end of the floss length, I stitched on an oval black bead. Then I did two Turkey stitches on either side of the bead to make dimensional wings on the flies. For most of them, I used black floss but for a few of the blocks, I used dark brown and a couple I used a medium brown floss. All the flies beads were black.
Because it is family tradition that toes=piggies, socks=piggie blankets and shoes/slippers=piggie houses, I had to play with that part of the quilt too. So part of the borders had footprints walking around the blanket and part of the quilting said "piggy blanket"—too bad you can't see that in the photo
... and of course, we tickled the piggies before they went under the piggy blanket! That was the most fun!

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