Monday, March 16, 2009

Christmas 2008: I made aprons, more aprons and still more aprons!

This past Christmas (2008) I made aprons... lots of aprons! I've been collecting a wide range of old apron patterns and it is so nice that they are back in style. These four began with the same basic pattern but each one was customized to fite the person they were made for. I made many other styles but for just a basic pattern that goes together quickly, I like this best.


  1. you continue to amaze me with your sewing talent and all that before Christmas? Wow! The ladies look like they really love their aprons-how very nice of you.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I am proud of the work I do--I focus on the quality and it's taken many years to get there. I am in awe of your drawings--I wish I had some talent in that area but mine seems to be mainly in the fabric arts although I have done some beading. If you will email me your address (, I'll send you a couple of my Christian greeting cards if you would like--that's another area I play in.
    Tell me some about your Sourdough Scotty book... did you write it?

  3. You cannot have a sour look when wearing an apron like that, even if it is to wash dishes!

  4. Wow these girls look like they are having lots of fun. Aprons are a great idea to make. and the colors are so vibrant and alive.
    Good work! :)