Sunday, March 1, 2009

Going back in time...

I thought I would take a few minutes to post some of the things I have made in the past...

Of course, one of my pride and joys was the wedding dress I made for my daughter Josalyn back in 1991. The base layer was traditional satin, a layer of tulle and a layer of lace... the tulle and the lace were both iridescent. She had an outdoor wedding and the sun shining on her just made her glow.

The umbrella in the photo is a photographer's prop—she carried a traditional bouquet. She did not have a traditional veil but had a hairpiece. She had the top half of her hair in a twist/bun. We put a satin scrunchee around it and the scrunchee had some of her lace attached which served as her veil.

In 1996, my sister Gale and I made a wall hanging quilt to celebrate our parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

Each family member drew around their hand and signed both their full name and the name that they usually go by. It was mad as a surprise but getting Mom & Dad to let us draw around their hands without explaining why was probably the most challenging part of the project.

Mom & Dad were in red with the center heart having their wedding information. Going around the quilt counter-clockwise from there in were the families of the five children—it worked out great for the colors. We wrote the names in dimensional paint using a lightbox so that it was "their" handwriting. We "quilted" it using heart-shaped studs and for the married girls, we used large star studs on the ring finger. It's a good family memento now that both Mom and Dad have passed away.

In 2005, I entered in a quilting competition for the first time... and won second place for hand-quilted wallhangings. This was a birthday present for Billiam and is a non-traditional size (I call it a recliner quilt). He wanted it "wide enough to go from arm to arm [of my overstuffed recliner] and long enough to go from my chin to wrap around under my feet" and that's what he got... 36" wide X 78" long.

Every stitch was done by hand—I still don't believe that I even put on the borders by hand! The quilting goes down the middle of each half-hexagon making Y's on the backing. The border is quilted with fall-color variegated thread maple leaves—the first time I'd done any hand quilting that was not straight lines.

Well, that's a couple of my past projects... hope you enjoyed looking at them.

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  1. I love your quilts. I've always wanted to sew, but have decided that I can't do it all so I concentrate on drawing, watercolor and writing. Your hand quilt is especially nice.

    So you are a fellow Alaskan - glad to meet you!