Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Dance! I get to take a UFO off my list!

I have so many different projects that are in process, waiting to be started or still just noodling around in my mind for just exactly what I want to do... and then find time to do it/them!

Well I finished one! This is my great-granddaughter Madison's birthday gift—a lunch tote. Madison will be 5 years old and loves to go with Mom and baby sister Kennadie to have lunch with big sister Mackenzie. They take their lunch with them so she will begin using it now and then will be able to take her lunch to "all-day kindergarten" next year.

Because Maddie is only 5, I made a couple of alterations to the lunch totes that I usually make. The top on my lunch totes usually look more like the first photo and have a tie closure. To make it easier for Maddie, I added a "collar" around the top with a drawstring and barrel closure. If the top is opened up all the way, it can be folded down inside the tote (the way it was for the photo).

The second major change I made was to add a hidden pocket with a snap closure for lunch/milk money, etc. It is in the outside pocket. The inside is lined with pockets also—there are skinny ones to hold silverware (I've included a small fork, knife and spoon set in her bag) and wider ones to hold the matching napkin(s) and whatever is desired. I make at least two napkins for the bags so you don't have to wash the same one each day.

I also include a plastic lace placemat and coaster. For Maddie, I made an extra find that I'm including--a plastic cupcake carrier (protects the frosting). Maddie, 'kenzie and Momma (Anna) like to make cupcakes together so I thought this would be very fitting.

I've also made an "art smock" for Maddie (the beginning smock matches big sister's). The main fabric has all kinds of art and drawing supplies on it. The smock has a snap closure in the back. To make it "Maddie's," I put a big "kangaroo" pocket across the front. I divided the pocket into four, made pleats at the bottom to take up the fullness and I put elastic in the top of the pocket—that way it can hold a lot of art/craft/project supplies for the family "make-it" sessions.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my lastest project—I know I sure feel good about getting it done!

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  1. This is beautiful.I have to say, I have gotten more compliments on the lunch bag you gave than any purse I have ever purchased. Even from two houses away, my neighbor yelled "That's a cute purse!" I love it. Thank you, again.