Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do I have talented friends, or what???

I have many friends who are unbelievable and add so many gifts to my life and my heart. Right now I would like share the artistry of two of them with you.

This is Patti Bray of PR Bray Designs, who I am so fortunate to count among my friends. Her talents fill me with wonder and (when I'm not walking my love walk) a little envy at times.

These are ceramic tiles, painted by Patti for a backsplash. She works a lot with dimensional tiles and creates a wide range of textures.

In addition to her work with clays and tiles, she does beautiful sketching and so very many other creative outlets.

If you have a few minutes, stop by her website and check out some of her work... this link opens to my personal favorite–her set of seasons (the ladies--each one is 3 separate tiles with some elements overlapping): http://prbraydesigns.com/sculpt_4.html

The next artist I would like to introduce you to is Carolina Elizabeth. There is just no end to this girl's talent! She paints, glasswork, sculpts, sews, metalwork/silversmithing, jewelry beading, sketches... and more! She has a blog http://carolinaelizabeth-art.blogspot.com/ that features her work and the artwork of others. Try to check her March 2 post to see some of her beautiful paintings. Please be sure to note the size of the pitcher--it is sitting next to a dime in the smaller photo. I am so lucky to own one of her incredible painted creations--a butterfly in a pendant of silver--my heart does a happy dance every time I get to wear it.


  1. The tiles are beautiful. I love intricate design, especially in a circle. I've already checked out Carolina Elizabeth and will keep doing so (I added her to my blog roll to make it easier) plus I'll check out Patti. Looks like stuff I would like. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am very honored to be mentioned this way from a person that sews beautifully, is wonderful with words, and makes inspirational cards unlike no others. What is it---tatting, knitting, embroidery, I know I must be forgeting a few. I am very lucky to have you as my mentor, my teacher, and specially my friend. Thank you.