Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Duck Week Hat for Abby...

OK, I've just plain had fun with this!

First, I crocheted a basic hat. The brim can be rolled or open or partially rolled. I haven't decided which way I like it best yet. It's pretty comfortable—more than I was expecting it to be.

My Duck Week t-shirt is orange and they are using a Dr. Sueuss theme so this one is "Horton Hears A Quack." It has blue flowers and white daisies.

I used a silky-feel orange fabric and serged it with royal blue. There are blue, white and orange daisies and it is couched down with royal blue sheer ribbon.

The Hats Off To Abby Hat contest is for most unique hat... I'm just going for fun. I may add some mini-signs that have "quack" on them just to add to the theme. I've had a couple people tell me they think my hat will win. Whether it does or not, I'm going to donate it to the Silent Auction to help raise money as long as I get to wear it in the contest.
Oh, did I mention the hat is crocheted plastic shopping bags! It's my
classy trashy hat.


  1. ...and just what is "Duck Week?" What a great way to use old plastic shopping bags! I hope you win!

  2. Duck Week is the name the Piedmont Schools gave for their annual fundraiser for one child in the community--this year it was Abby Jones. DUCK = Doing Unselfish Charities for Kids. Most of the town gets into it. It looks like they raised enough that Abby can be put onto the kidney transplant list now (have to have $100,000 in a fund, mainly to cover the anti-rejection drugs I was told). I got the grand prize for best hat. It didn't get on the Silent Auction so I'll be selling this and other "trashy" hats on Etsy and I think I'm going to put all the funds into Abby's trust. After she has the kidney transplant, it looks like she will be needing a heart/lung transplant.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    It looks SUPER!
    Just like out of Renoir!