Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kids in "Little House" dress & pinafore sets

These are my oh-so-beautiful great-granddaughters. I made "Little House" dress and pinafore sets for them. The dresses were all gingham and both dresses and pinafores used some old traditional patterns from that time.
This year I will be working to complete dresses and bonnets for the two older girls to wear to the Oklahoma Land Run programs (see list of UFO's) and I am anxious to see how they are going to like them. I really enjoy using period patterns and often juxtapose the very traditional patterns with contemporary fabrics. That's what the girls are used to... My only concern is how them will like the more drab fabrics/colors that were available to them for daily wear dresses... I'll keep you posted on how they are coming along.


  1. Your great grandkids are adorable! I love the old style clothing. I'd be so happy if I could look normal in smock tops and loose flouncy clothes (and not have someone assume I'm pregnant!)

  2. I always wanted to wear peasant blouses, preferably cinched in at the waist... that's not happening in this lifetime. LOL
    I didn't know they were entering, but last year the pink dress got 1st place for Land Run (big thing here) costume contest for her 1st grade age. "... but Grammi, it would be better if there was a hat to it." Guess what Grammi is taking a break from doing as I type this???
    And I wonder where my time goes [sighing]

  3. How gorgeous! They look so lovely, and look at those smiles!