Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Serenity Garden Apron Set

Well, I'm ready to start posting beginning items to my Etsy store this weekend. The first item that I'll be setting up is my Serenity Garden Apron set. The apron is a medium size and it has a matching set of oven mitts and a hot pad holder. I just fell in love with this fabric line and some of the sentiments on it...

"Nurture your garden, nurture your soul."
"Serenity... A cup of tea in the garden."
... and so many more.

I like pockets big enough to hold what I try to put in them so I make them nice and full.
Carolina Elizabeth designed the original oven mitt pattern and then I adjusted (very typical) it to use piping, one of my great loves. They are smaller than most oven mitts but very flexible—that means that they will work well in the microwave as well as in a conventional oven. I find that the standard size mitt is just too big for my comfort level pulling stuff out of the microwave. The hot pad holder is 6" square and just a nice place to put a hot dish.


  1. That looks very nice, and comfy. I always think of aprons as just from the waist down, but that would surely protect a blouse too. Love the sentiments too. How much are you selling them for? And you'll have to post a link to your etsy site. I never did get a follow up call from Etsy on my question. I'm a little dissapointed they didn't respond at all.

  2. Check out this blog site - she's got a really neat zentangle that she just posterd, it's 3-dimensional.

  3. very nicely made and covers everything