Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Etsy Store is Now Open

Well, this has been one of my goals for a while and I have now posted my first project (the Garden Serenity Apron) on my Etsy store, A Richer Life at Etsy: Garden Serenity Apron. Whoever purchases the apron will also get some added goodies (in this case the oven mitts and hot pad) as a thankyou surprise.

For anyone not familiar with Etsy, it is an online store; you cannot post anything that is not homemade, so this is where you can get some top quality items and support independent crafters and artists. You can find my Etsy store by going to or by clicking on the Etsy button to the right. I am going to be posting a wide range of things on my store and am very excited about this! In the very near future, I will have some of my greeting cards, lunch totes, coffee cozies, aprons, children's clothes and clothes for 18" dolls (American Girle, Goetz, etc.). The children and doll clothes and most of the aprons will be my own patterns so I've been having fun doing this.

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  1. I'm back home and have my own computer again. Whew! It's hard typing on someone else's laptop. I checked out your etsy store. Nice. I never did get a response to my question from them. You'll have to let me know how it goes with Etsy.