Saturday, May 16, 2009

An interesting week...

Well, it's been an interesting week, to say the least!
Saturday was the Deluxe independent crafters show at the state fairgrounds. I was able to go and was very excited to meet the girls from SheezKrafty and see their beautiful work... even spent a little money! I had fallen in love with their switchplates on their blog and like them even more in the real world!

Sunday was Mother's Day and I got a wonderful gift in hearing that my two grandchildren in Alabama will be here for the month of June. Now that is a gift! And we got to talk to the kids! I also heard from our kids, grandkids and greatgrand kids in South OKC. All in all, a wonderful day!

Monday night (of course with lots of work to do) my computer started acting up. It looked and acted like the left arrow key was stuck so I ran to the closest Wal-Mart and picked up a new wireless keyboard & mouse set. Got home... set it up... still a problem. The only way to shut it down was power then I couldn't get anything so into the shop the computer went. I got it back and was able to set it up last night.

About 10 minutes after turning it on, we took a power hit and it burned out the CPU. Yup, it's been a grand week! I hadn't really planned on a new computer but looks like the good Lord had other plans for me.

Well, as you can see, I'm up and running again and hope to put up some new items soon.


  1. So glad you already got everything!!! I hope it all finds the perfect space in your home :) I agree, it was SO awesome to meet you in person! I hope it happens again soon!

  2. I'm glad you got all the good stuff before the bad stuff hit. I hate, I repeat, HATE, having computer problems. I'm just not knowledgable enough to know if it's me, the computer, the server or something else. It drives me nuts.

    I'm so glad you get to have grandchildren come! I wish I could have mine here too!