Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life Happens...

How could it possibly have been this long since I've posted??? There has just been too much going on and some things had to give–this blog was one of those things. And it all comes under the heading "life happens and we go on." As requested, I'll try to give a brief update and then hopefully I'll be able to do some posting soon.
We've had company a couple of times—my two grandchildren from Alabama were here for a month. We had lots of fun together and talked and laughed. I showed them my early Zentangles and they were as fascinated as I am so we did that too. Our friends from Bakersfield (CA) have been here twice. It's so nice to have some time to visit. Debbie, her friend Vicki (also from CA) and I (yes, we had fun with Debbie, Vicki and Vicki!) hit a couple of quilt shops in the OKC area and went for tea at Inspirations Teahouse & Gifts in Edmond. Grand fun!!! They got as far as Dallas on the way home--Lloyd (my best friend since 6th grade) ended up in a Dallas hospital and we almost lost him. He's still not out of the woods but is slowly improving. With another 6 to 8 weeks in the Dallas/Ft Worth area expected, I'll be making some trips south.
As we all know, everything changes and my job with Business Connections is ever-evolving so that is always interesting and too-often challenging.
In mid-August, my darling hubby had a stroke and that really took over my life! He is doing much better. He is now very careful about his blood pressure and not over-tiring himself; either one will set off an episode of dizziness and his left eye going off to the left corner.
I went for my annual eye exam and was looking forward to new glasses--there was less change than in previous years. Due to family history, I made sure to have the glaucoma range-of-vision test and we discovered that I have lost more than 1/3 of my range of vision in my right eye (of course, that's the "good" one), getting very close to 1/2. I've had the opportunity to meet more outstanding eye specialists than I had ever expected (or wanted) to but so far, no one can figure out what is happening or why. They all say my eye is very healthy and they are puzzled. We are now waiting for a three month follow up to measure speed of change. This is the hard part... along with paying the doctor bills.

Now for good news... I am now a Certified Zentangle Teacher and plan to teach it as a stress management tool for some people (and just plain fun too)—since I got started, I do not need blood pressure medication! Even with all the crud above, my bp is good.
I have been creating some unique Zentangle-inspired art cards and I have been encouraged by some artist friends (thanks to all) to take them to a couple of art gallery gift shops. My final packaging is almost ready (just a "detail" label to make) and then I'll be taking them to the galleries they've recommended.
Debbie (CA) and I co-authored an appendix on grammar and punctuation for a textbook on teaching for teachers; it is being printed now--my first time to be published. Very exciting!
I've been asked to be honorary Mother of the Bride for Kelsee, a daughter of my heart... is that cool or what?!?!
Our families are doing well and so are we. Thank you to so many who have asked how and where I was.


  1. It's really good to have you back! Sounds like a very busy and kind of scary summer. I'm glad you DH is doing well. I'll pray for you and your vision - that doctors will be able to figure this out and help you not to lose anymore sight. I'm proud of you and your zentangles - how cool is that A Certified Instructor-WOW! I hope you do well at the art galleries. Teaching such a peaceful thing as Zentangles would be really great. I'm excited for you (and a little jealous!).

  2. Love the zentangles
    Hope everything works out for the best One day at a time.
    Hang in there.

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